Humidification Books Love

While perusing the shelves at our local bookstore or searching online for a copy of the latest bestseller, we rarely stop to think about how a book is made. What actually goes in to making the mysteries, romances, and works of fiction and nonfiction that we read with such delight and pass on to our friends? One important aspect is that of the printing process. In order for the books we love to be produced optimally, there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration.

Within a printing facility, appropriate temperatures must be maintained, and too much moisture in the air can cause damage to equipment and the paper itself. A properly designed and utilized non-wetting printing humidification system can maintain temperatures and keep the air breathable for employees, without damaging equipment or product. Additionally, dust from some ink forms can make working conditions unpleasant. Humidification can aid in dust suppression, making working in a printing facility far more comfortable. Books are made to inform and entertain, so the process of printing them should not be a miserable one.

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