How a Commercial Humidifier Can Help a Medical Office

Smart Fog humidifiers are perfect for medical offices. Smart Fog is a commercial humidifier that produces tiny droplets. Also, it eliminates viruses and bacteria. It is important for medical offices to be as virus and bacteria free as possible, especially during the flu season. In addition, the humidifiers do not leave behind wet spots. Read on for four ways Smart Fog can help a medical office.

Reduces Viruses and Bacteria

One of the benefits of a Smart Fog commercial humidifier is that it eliminates viruses and bacteria. This is crucial in medical offices. It is very important to prevent germs from spreading. Also, Smart Fog humidifiers contain advanced technology. The technology in the humidifier allows bacteria and virus particles to attract to the droplets. Because the droplets are so small, the particles are attracted instead of repelled. Additionally, this helps to reduce airborne viruses and bacteria.

Accurate and Reliable Humidity Control

Smart Fog systems eliminate humidity fluctuations. A commercial humidifier provides precise relative humidity. Smart Fog uses an algorithm to provide the accurate levels. This even includes areas of high air exchange. It is extremely important for medical offices to have a consistent level of humidity all day long. Also, patients need to maintain a level of comfort and varying levels of humidity can cause discomfort.

Increases Humidity Without Wetness

Smart Fog droplets are the smallest on the market when compared with other commercial humidifiers. At 4.2 microns, they increase the humidity in a room without leaving behind wet surfaces. This is important in medical offices where a certain level of humidity is needed but wet spots cannot be left behind.

Data Logging

Often medical facilities will require data logging of humidity levels. Smart Fog features automatic computer control and data logging through the use of relative humidity sensors. This highly accurate commercial humidifier makes data collection and analysis easy.

A commercial humidifier is necessary in medical offices. Smart Fog systems eliminate wetness, viruses, and bacteria. In addition, they provide accurate and reliable humidity control. Smart Fog has various models that are useful in a medical setting. A mobile model is helpful if it needs to be moved around. On the other hand, in-duct options work for a more permanent set up. Smart Fog will make your offices more comfortable. Also, Smart Fog creates a place where viruses and bacteria are reduced. Contact Smart Fog today for more information about available models.



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