Greenhouses Importance Humidity

Greenhouses are ingenious structures, and have had a huge impact on the ability of populations that experience severe weather conditions, or are located at high altitudes, to grow a varied and plentiful food supply.  They operate via convection heat.  Plastic or glass is used to house various plants.  As the sun heats the building, the plants inside absorb the warmth, and then give a portion of this thermal energy back into the air.  The cycle continues, unless the building is opened to the elements outside.

The almost constant temperature created by the exchange of energy within the greenhouse, is why the growth process in a greenhouse is so effective.  Sometimes, it is necessary to help the process along, however, and the use of a greenhouse humidifier, can ensure that all of your plants are growing optimally.  Appropriate humidification is vital to the function of a greenhouse.  Whatever you are growing, consider making your greenhouse crops more successful, with the use of a non-wetting humidifier.

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