Great Tasting Food, All Year Long

Food safety is not just about how food is grown, but also how it is stored. While buying organic products or produce that is certified non-GMO definitely makes a difference in the value of the food to our bodies, it also requires that we handle the organic food we bring into our homes, differently. Produce that has not been altered, or “tweaked,” will spoil, and often much more quickly than standard produce which is often under-ripe, or which has been treated in some way. Consequently, cold storage is very important for keeping the food you buy, edible.

Cold storage humidification systems can help ensure that your food remains safe and great tasting. Storing food is not simply about keeping it cool, it is also about providing an environment in which it is impossible for bacteria and mold to grow or flourish. A non-wetting humidification system, in combination with cold storage, can make it possible to enjoy great organic foods, all year long.

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