Find Right Wine Storage Humidity Storage Area

Our unique wine storage humidity systems provide the proper humidity for wine barrel and bottle storage rooms, caves, and warehouses. The best thing is that they do this without wetting.

Wine storage humidity is important for many reasons

Having the proper amount of wine storage humidity is extremely important. With the right levels of humidity, it is possible to eliminate mold, bacteria, and dust from barrels and from the entire area where wine is stored. Another great advantage to having the proper humidity level is that up to 14 percent of the wine in a barrel can evaporate over a two-year period. Wineries then need to spend money to pay workers to top off each barrel. When you have the proper system in your wine storage area, you will have substantially less evaporation of your wine and less lost product. Proper humidity levels also help maintain the right alcohol content of your wine.

Wine storage humidity similar to wine cellars of days gone by

It is possible to recreate the cool humid conditions of old European wine cellars with our humidification systems. An above ground cooled aging room can raise the humidity level to 95 percent. This results in loss to evaporation being cut by more than half. When a winery raises the humidity level to 95 percent, losses caused by evaporation can be reduced to less than 1 percent annually. Our systems emit high humidity fog with small droplets that evaporate into the air before they reach the ground. No water will end up on the ground or on your barrels. Our Smart Fog system has a large non-clogging orifice that needs very little maintenance. Optical technology is used to control high humidity up to 95 percent and even up to 98 percent. Our system allows full computer control and tracking of the humidity level in the storeroom.

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