Combating Cold Winter Months

During the cold winter months, it can feel as if your face is flaking off, and as if your nose and eyes are perpetually dry and itchy.  If you live in a house, or work in an office, that utilizes blown heat, the sense of dry skin can feel even worse, and can also lead to respiratory irritation.  The easiest way to combat this drying out of skin, hair, and eyes, is to invest in a humidification system.  The purpose of a humidifier is to increase the amount of moisture in the air in a particular area or building, and they can be instrumental in making a home or workspace feel more comfortable in cold or dry climates and seasons.

Traditionally, humidifiers have used water to increase the moisture in a space.  The water is held in a reservoir and a wick draws the moisture up to a fan that blows through the wick and sends moistened air into the space.  This is the humidifier at its most basic.  There have been considerable humidifier developments over time, including dry fog humidifiers for use in industrial and commercial humidification.  These humidifiers increase the moisture in an area, without causing moisture to build up on every available surface.  This eliminates many of the dust mite and mold problems associated with traditional humidifiers, making the humidification experience far healthier.

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