Cold Storage Popular Culture

If you say the words “cold storage” to a random person on the street, they will often mention science fiction, cryogenics, relate a portion of one of the Terminator films, or maybe even reference the Mafia.  Cold storage has a rather interesting reputation.  At its most basic, it is simply where we store items that we need to stay cold.  There is an incredible amount of science that goes into proper cold storage, however, and it is not just about temperature.

Going skiing in the Northeast is a very different experience than going skiing in portions of the West.  The difference is the amount of moisture in the air.  The same is true with cold storage.  Humidification of the food in a cold storage unit, especially produce, can exponentially increase the longevity of items.  Cold storage humidification systems can help you maintain the most optimum conditions for keeping your food fresh and safe to eat.  Contrary to popular belief, cold storage is not just for aliens or crooks; it is also for those people who want to keep their food bacteria-free.

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