Advantages Smart Fog Humidity Control Equipment

Our humidity control equipment enables you to adjust the humidity in your facility to anywhere between 1% and 100%, and there is no wetting with our equipment. You will have 100% water evaporation and no wet spots due to our patented tiny droplet size that is produced by our humidifiers.

Humidity control equipment that is low maintenance

You will find that our humidity control equipment needs very little maintenance. Our systems are designed to perform consistently and most systems need maintenance only every two years. They operate with safe low pressure of only 100 psi compressed air and will keep your business running with their dependable performance. We offer a range of systems that will improve and control the humidity in many different industries. Some of our products are commercial humidifiers, industrial humidifiers, wine cellar humidifiers, and other humidification systems. We will also engineer a customized solution for your business. You can contact us for more information and for a quote on the right system for your humidification needs.

Humidity control equipment that you can count on

We have been providing superior humidification products for over 30 years. It’s no wonder that we are the number one manufacturer of intelligent non-wetting industrial humidifiers.

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