5 Environments that Need to be Clean and Disinfected

There are many environments that are required to constantly be clean and disinfected. This could either be due to the people or the items contained in the environment. During the global pandemic of COVID-19, cleanliness has become even more important. An industrial humidifier is a solution for environments that need to be clean and disinfected. These humidifiers produce droplets that attract and oxidize bacteria and viruses. Whether you work in a hospital or a produce ripening room, it is important that these environments are kept as clean and germ-free as possible. Read on to learn about different environments that need to be clean and disinfected. Also, learn how a Smart Fog humidifier can help.

How Does Smart Fog Clean and Disinfect?

You may be wondering what exactly a Smart Fog industrial humidifier is and what it has to do with keeping your environment clean. At Smart Fog, we have successfully manipulated the droplets that come out of our humidifiers to be the smallest in the industry. Our droplets are 4.2 microns. The first benefit of such a small droplet is that it fully evaporates before reaching any surface. This means your environment stays humid without you ever noticing water left behind in the room.

The second benefit of these micron droplets is their ability to reduce dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses. Our humidifiers inject oxygen into every droplet. Then, through a reverse correlation process, things like dust, mold, viruses, and bacteria are attracted to the droplets and then oxidized. Once they are oxidized, they are gone with no chance of them spreading any further. Since COVID-19 is thought to be spread through the air, it is crucial to get these particles out of the air as quickly as possible. Let’s look at 5 environments that need to be clean and disinfected.

Industrial Humidifiers in Medical Facilities

Medical facilities need to be as clean as possible. This is important for several reasons. First, medical facilities contain people who are healthy and people with infectious diseases within the same building. For example, you might go to the ER for a broken wrist but there may be people in the waiting room with the very contagious COVID-19. Without proper sanitation procedures, contagious diseases can easily spread between sick and healthy people at medical facilities.

In addition, people who are already sick are more susceptible to getting other illnesses. This is due to their immune system working so hard to help heal their body. It is crucial to keep the medical environment as clean as possible so patients aren’t getting more ill just by being in a hospital. Smart Fog humidifiers should be installed throughout medical facilities. This helps with the cleaning and disinfecting process by reducing viruses and bacteria in the air.


Schools are extremely germ-y. Kids will be kids and they aren’t the best about being clean. Also, kids tend to get sick more easily than adults as their immune system is still developing. During this time of COVID-19, many kids will be going back to school in the fall. At school, they might be at risk for contracting the virus from their classmates and teachers. Smart Fog industrial humidifiers placed throughout the school and in classrooms will greatly reduce virus airborne particles. It is important, especially during a global pandemic, to ensure that the air in school buildings is clean.

Produce Supply Chain

Produce needs to be clean. If bacteria or viruses get on the produce, it can end up making customers very sick. From beginning to end, Smart Fog can provide humidifiers all the way down the produce supply chain to make sure the environment is clean and disinfected. We make a fog tunnel for produce conveyor belts to keep produce clean as it comes off the farm. Our duct systems work well in ripening rooms. In addition, we have created a mobile system that can be used when produce is being transported via truck. We help keep the produce environment clean every step of the way.

Clean Rooms

A clean room is a facility where items are produced that can be damaged or ruined if they come in contact with things like dust or airborne pathogens. For example, medical equipment, electronics, and pharmaceutical products often need to be produced in clean rooms. At Smart Fog, our industrial humidifiers produce micron droplets and use adhesive technology to oxidize dust, bacteria, mold, and viruses. Our humidifiers help keep clean rooms clean.

Office Buildings

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Office buildings need to be clean. This is especially true during the global pandemic. While many people are currently working from home, there are some people that don’t have a choice and need to go into their office to work. Most office buildings aren’t designed to keep employees apart. Also, office air isn’t always the best. How can airborne viruses in offices be reduced? Our industrial humidifiers work to attract viruses to the micron droplets. Through reverse correlation, the viruses are oxidized.

At Smart Fog, we make industrial humidifiers that produce micron droplets. These tiny droplets create a precise level of humidity in the room. They also attract viruses and bacteria and oxidize them. Thus, the humidifiers are reducing the airborne viruses and bacteria that are floating around the room. It is important, especially during the time of a global pandemic, for certain environments to be a clean as possible. This includes medical facilities, schools, the produce supply chain, clean rooms, and office buildings. For more information about Smart Fog products and how they helps to clean and disinfect environments, contact us today.

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