Wine Cellar Humidification

Humidifiers are used in many processes belonging to the food and agriculture industry, from food ripening to the storage of perishables in warehouses. In wine-making and bottling, wine cellar humidification is essential for preventing excess evaporation and for preventing cork from drying out. Room humidifiers can also lower the ambient temperature by a number of degrees, creating an environment in which wine is able to mature more slowly, to a full and refined flavor.

Both the processes of wine-making and wine storage are nuanced and require strict climate control in order for wine which is pleasurable to drink to be produced. Wine storage requires elevated ambient humidity levels, and these can be created with the aid of an industrial humidifier system. A humidifier which is capable of regulating the humidity in an environment with minimum manual input makes it much easier to store large volumes of wine under ideal conditions.

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