What is Humidity Elevation

In answering this question, it is first necessary to define what humidity is. This is a commonplace term for what, scientifically speaking, is known as ‘relative humidity’; the measurable level of water present in the air as vapor. This is what is responsible on a rainy day for a clammy feeling in the air. Tropical regions tend to be more humid, while levels are more moderate in Mediterranean and other climates.

What is Humidity controlled by?

Environmentally, humidity is naturally affected by processes of condensation and evaporation. In industrial settings, room humidifiers are used to control ambient levels. What is humidity elevation needed for? There are many possible answers – food ripening, dust suppression, wine storage, cultivation, and much more. State-of-the-art humidifier systems make it possible to elevate levels to well over ninety percent and this proves useful in a range of industrial applications. Find out more about the use of humidifiers via www.smartfog.com.


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