What is Humidity?

November 11th, 2014 by Smart Fog

Many people do not realize the importance of humidity to the success of an industry. So, what is humidity? It is the amount of moisture in the air. With SmartFog commercial humidifiers, fogging systems, industrial humidifiers, or any other kinds of humidification systems, there are many benefits.

 What About In the Industry?

What is humidity and how can a SmartFog humidification system control the humidity in your industry? Humidity control is a very important part of environmental control in an industry. When the humid level is not properly controlled, it can have many negative effects and it will also greatly affect the industry’s profits. In the wine industry, providing wine barrels with the proper amount of moisture actually prevents some of the wine from evaporating as it ages. This means that more wine is available for sale instead of allowing it to evaporate into the air. Moisture control is necessary for proper plant growth in greenhouses and nurseries as well.

SmartFog Answers the Question

A SmartFog humidification system helps food safety sanitation industries achieve the right disease control treatment without any waste on the floor. It can also eliminate dust from the air in dust producing businesses.

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