What is Dry Fog Technology for Sensitive Applications

As its name implies, ‘Dry Fog’ technology is a humidification system which uses water droplets so fine that the immediate environment stays dry, even when levels are elevated to over ninety percent. Wet spots are prevented from forming due to the minute size of individual water droplets produced by these machines. Minimizing droplet size reduces adhesion, so that individual droplets are not attracted to each other to form larger ones. The avoidance of wet spots is crucial in many sensitive industrial applications.

Investing in Dry Fog Machines

Investing in dry fog machines is a smart plan of action if you require humidification. These fog systems are cheaper to run, as they are more economical in their use of resources. They also are safer, as they make use of low air pressure. These systems present logistical convenience too, as they are easy to install. Order a complete system that can be scaled to your application, via www.smartfog.com.

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