What are the Advantages of a Direct Space Humidifier?

For many industries, humidity is very important for the protection of merchandise and operations. But for some workplaces, a built-in humidifier unit isn’t feasible or economical. If you have an operation that spans a large space, but only some of it needs to be humidified, then a direct space humidifier is the best way to go. There are many advantages of using a direct space humidifier for many workplace atmospheres.

They are Economical

If you have special humidity requirements in only one part of a warehouse or manufacturing plant, then it doesn’t make sense to run a humidifier to work through large spaces regularly. Not only is there huge potential that it won’t be able to keep up with the demands necessary in the focus area, but it is also costing an enormous amount of energy – which translates into cost. If you use a direct space humidifier, then it only has to work where you need it. That means less energy consumption.

It Works Better Where You Need It

A direct space humidifier can keep a constant humidity level at all times. When you set and focus it in one area, then you know that it can keep up and deliver exactly the right amount of humidity. The concentration of the unit helps to maintain quality control. Because it focuses only where it needs to, it can do a more efficient job.

It Makes Things More Comfortable for Employees

High humidity isn’t always comfortable. If you use a direct space humidifier in high-humidity needs situations only, then you don’t make everyone who works in a space uncomfortable. Humidity might be necessary for some industries. But that doesn’t mean that it provides a comfortable environment for employees. If a space doesn’t need to be humidified, why spend resources doing so? If you use one that is more focused, you can increase employee satisfaction.

Smart Fog Delivers High Humidity Without Hazard

For industries that need consistent humidity, a direct space humidifier is the way to go. Because it focuses only on the merchandise or area that you want, it provides high humidity. If you invest in a Smart Fog direct space humidifier, you don’t have to worry about producing wet conditions. Smart Fog direct space humidifiers deliver high humidity, but since it changes the charge of the water molecules, they don’t pool and create a hazard for your merchandise or employees!

If you are in an industry where high humidity is necessary, then you should evaluate whether you need a humidifier for the entire workplace, or if a mobile unit is a better fit for less energy consumption and to make the workplace environment more comfortable for employees. For more information about direct space humidifiers, check out the advanced technology humidifiers made by Smart Fog today!

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