Using Commercial Humidifiers for Warehouse: Humidity Problems to Solve?

You’ll never have a problem finding commercial humidifiers for warehouse, yet how many of them give you all the features you need to solve unique problems? Humidity is a complicated subject, and it also brings complex problems that can greatly affect the health of your workers and the equipment you use.

The trouble is, a lot of warehouse humidity issues aren’t always obvious. You may not even notice some problems until they start affecting employee health and you see unexpected breakdowns in equipment.

If you’ve already invested in using commercial humidifiers for warehouse and found some humidification control. But, are you sure it’s going to work to cover every problem? Far too many humidifier products aren’t comprehensive enough to cover all situations. They also aren’t always flexible enough to let you install them where you want.

Take a look at various humidity problems you’re perhaps overlooking, and how we can solve them with our unique humidifying equipment at Smart Fog.

Overly High Humidity

Your warehouse may have a dysfunctional ventilation system or structural gaps in the building, hence bringing in excess humidity. Once you start experiencing higher humidity, you’ll start noticing your employees complaining of excessive sweating. Or, you may begin seeing condensation on various warehouse surfaces.

High humidity is going to make your employees feel miserable in the summertime, no matter if you use an HVAC system for cooling. Condensation on your warehouse equipment could cause damage and require expensive maintenance to repair.

Even then, the condensation problem may continue unless you find a way to control the relative humidity in your work environment. Basically, an RH of 45% to 55% is ideal.

Overly Low Humidity

In the wintertime, you may experience overly low humidity, which only creates extreme dry air that potentially spreads airborne particulates. It also causes gradual physical symptoms you may initially write off as allergies or outside health anomalies.

If your employees start complaining about overly dry skin, or unexplained coughing, dry air could be a factor. You may soon start noticing other problems with dry air, and they sometimes become mistakenly designated as harmless.

Static Electricity and Dust

Both of these are a natural part of science that every home experiences when dry air occurs. In a warehouse setting, they aren’t something innocuous. You have to take static electricity and dust seriously since they both can start to affect the machinery you depend on every day. Plus, these are just as bad for employee health as the issues listed above.

Static electricity could easily blow out a computer or affect how warehouse machinery operates. A static shock could even cause a worker to fall after being startled, hence leading to major injury.

You can clean dust, though it’ll always come back when you have dry air. Dust suppression isn’t easy either without having to invest in overly expensive equipment.

So what features should you use to help control high and low humidity in your warehouse?

Innovative Features to Maintain RH

Our line of humidifiers here at Smart Fog cover every possible scenario your warehouse might encounter. First, the products have intelligent humidity control so you can maintain a perfect RH without having to do constant monitoring. With no moving parts, you don’t have to worry about employee injury or obstruction either.

Condensation won’t become a problem anymore. Thanks to our de-correlation process and our smaller water droplet size. In the latter case, the smaller the droplet, the less apt you’ll get water on surrounding surfaces.

Even better is the installation options available, including an in-duct variation. Because not all warehouses have a lot of space for humidifiers, you can finally control where you place them, including wall installation.

Where to Contact for Commercial Humidifiers for Warehouse?

Contact us at Smart Fog to learn more about how our humidifier products can work in all warehouse settings.

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