Top Ten Features for a Commercial Humidifier in the Warehouse

A commercial humidifier is a great way to improve employee health, reduce odors, and regulate temperatures in a warehouse setting. But how do you choose the right product for your warehouse? Look for these top 10 features when choosing the best commercial humidifier for your warehouse.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • No one wants a commercial humidifier that wastes energy. Look for energy-efficient processes to lower the cost of running a humidifier. Natural processes are usually easier to run than artificial ones. Smart Fog systems, for example, use 50-90% less energy than other commercial humidifier systems.
  • Smart Humidity Control
  • The best commercial humidifier options for the warehouse use a special controller to regulate humidity. Look for a humidifier that uses technology to increase efficiency. The humidifier should detect when the humidity reaches the right level for your environment.
  • Safe Operation
  • Choose a low-pressure operating system. Low-pressure systems use less energy and are safer to use. Installation is fast and easy. Because they are so safe to use, these systems don’t have regulations. You’ll never have worry about using this type of humidifier in your warehouse.
  • Droplet Size
  • Smaller water droplets stay in the air longer. The smallest droplets evaporate completely before coming in contact with surfaces. Choose a system with the smallest water droplets. Smaller droplets regulate moisture efficiently. Tiny droplets prevent mold because they evaporate in the air.
  • Dust, Bacteria, and Virus Elimination
  • Look for a commercial humidifier that injects oxygen into each droplet. These droplets suppress dust, bacteria and viruses. Choose a humidifier with small, even droplet sizes to eliminate dust.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Don’t get stuck with high maintenance costs and labor. Choose a humidifier with a large input and output space. A large space prevents the nozzle from clogging. High grade stainless steel is the best material for the nozzle. It protects the humidifier from rust.
  • Extended Warranty
  • A quality commercial humidifier system always has a warranty. Look for a company that guarantees its work for one year. The best businesses offer extended warranties that cover equipment.
  • Easy Installation
  • Choose a commercial humidifier with easy installation. Fast, low-cost installation is important in a warehouse setting. Look for a humidifier with push-in connectors. These are reusable if you move the humidifier. A quality product doesn’t need adhesives. Choose a product with flexible installation options. A good humidifier works great on the wall, ceiling, or in the ducts. Ask where you can install the product before you buy.
  • No Moving Parts
  • Moving parts are easy to break. They need frequent maintenance. Choose a humidifier with no moving parts. It will last longer. Products designed without mobile pieces are easier to run and install.
  • Cooling Options
  • High heat conditions are a major issue for warehouses. Employees in hot environments suffer from exhaustion and low energy. Slower production is a problem. Choose a humidifier that cools naturally. Fast evaporation from small particles lowers cooling costs. Smart cold fog production naturally cools the air. Keep your warehouse safe, cool, and efficient with a good commercial humidifier.

Look for these features to choose the commercial humidifier that’s right for your warehouse. You’ll get a high quality product that is easy to maintain. High efficiency lowers costs for great moisture control. In a warehouse setting, these features are especially important. Choose a humidifier with cooling options and easy installation.

If you’re still not sure where to start, Smart Fog is the industry standard. With over 30 years of experience, the experts at our company exceed expectations. Contact us to find a humidifier that’s right for your warehouse. Our products meet the top standards for building codes. Let us improve your warehouse environment today!

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