Striking Healthy Balance Ensure Proper Levels Humidity

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal should send chills up the spine of any holiday traveler.  The piece, entitled “Where Germs Lurk On Planes” reads like a horror story – dozens of coughing and sneezing men, women, and children, all trapped in an aircraft at 30,000 feet breathing in recycled air.

We’ve all been there, and the article goes on to explain just where, exactly, all the germs reside.   Fortunately, we won’t get into specifics; rather, we’d like to underscore the fact that some of the lessons here apply to workers, technicians, and other staff working indoors on the ground this winter.

The main lesson?  Air in airplanes – as on the ground – that is extremely dry can be a breeding ground for viruses that thrive in low-humidity conditions.    This is bad news for your employees who must breathe the air, but also for your equipment.  Yet a fine balance must be struck; after all, too much moisture can be a bad thing as well, as ineffective humidifiers not only grow mold, but proceed to spread it around the room.

Our Commercial & Industrial Humidifiers are attuned to your personnel and equipment needs, striking the proper balance between excessive dryness and unhealthy moisture.

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