SmartFog® Innovative Commercial Humidifier Technology

Many industries require accurate humidity control and commercial humidifiers, others may just want to eliminate dry air and allergens. The problem with most commercial humidifiers is that they tend to create more problems than the dry air issues they solve. For example, the moist environment and an open system make many humidifiers a breeding ground for bacteria, spores, and allergens. Therefore, traditional humidifiers may actually worsen certain illnesses. SmarFog uses innovative commercial humidifier technology to solve this issue.

Humidifiers are also known for leaving dampness or condensation which can be a disaster for technology companies and many other types of industries. Then there is the cost and inconvenience. Commercial or industrial humidifiers are often difficult to clean and costly to maintain. Expensive filters and professional servicing fees make many systems out of reach for small to medium sized businesses.

Fortunately, the engineers at SmartFog are especially good at problem-solving. When developing the SmartFog patented technology, they sought to address all the problems common to commercial humidification. What they came up with is revolutionary.

SmartFog® De-correlation Technology

SmartFog’s patented the de-correlation process. Water molecules are naturally attracted to other particles. Cohesion is the attraction water has for other water molecules. Adhesion is the attraction that water has for different molecules, such as air. Through a nonchemical, mechanical process, the SmartFog system is able to reduce the cohesion which makes the water droplets in the air so tiny they evaporate before even touching the surface.

How SmartFog® Solves the Condensation Problem

The tiny water droplets created by the SmartFog system evaporate quickly. There is no condensation to worry about. SmartFog systems evaporate 100% of the water into the air.  Dew point control is a feature that has on each model. The system is designed to respond to the particular environmental dynamics of the building and ductwork, providing a controlled and level humidity. This makes SmartFog humidifiers ideal for businesses that need precise humidity control such as,

  • Technology-Based Industries
  • Computer Server Rooms
  • Museums and Art Galleries
  • Printing Houses
  • Laboratories
  • Clean Rooms
  • Wineries
  • Cold Storage
  • Food Storage and Ripening
  • Electronics

How SmartFog® Humidifiers Solve the Allergen Problem

One of the coolest features of the SmartFog tech has to be the way it cleans up the air and the environment. Tiny water droplets of around 4.2 microns, actually attract and trap dust, bacteria, spores, viruses and other airborne allergens. The system has also been successful in cleaning and sanitizing entire air duct systems. This process makes SmartFog humidifiers the perfect choice for those seeking hygienic improvements to their workplace.

How SmartFog® Commercial Humidifier Technology Save You Money

Because the SmartFog system uses air pressure to diffuse the moisture it uses 50%-90% less energy than comparable commercial humidifier systems.

Furthermore, the system reduces dust and allergens in the workplace. Therefore productivity will be high due to reduced incidence of workplace illness.

Expensive installation, filters, and professional servicing fees make many systems cost prohibitive for smaller businesses. SmartFog commercial and industrial humidifier systems are easy to install and maintain. The system operates on low-pressure and has flexible piping with push-to-connect fittings. Since the water completely evaporates there is no need for drain placement. Each SmartFog system is “plug and play” and thus requires no professional installation.

Each SmartFog humidifier systems uses solid-state components. There are no fans, evaporators, or other moving parts to repair. Therefore, maintenance is cost-effective, requiring the filters to change only in every two years. All SmartFog humification systems are made in the United States and come with a manufacturers warranty and an optional 10-year extended warranty.

To learn more about the innovative technology of SmartFog and discover how a system can solve your humidification problems contact us today.

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