Smart Fog Technology for Wineries

Winemakers often suffer losses in barrel rooms due to low humidity levels. Wine in barrel rooms can lose up to 15 percent in volume over a two-year period due to fluctuations in humidity levels. Topping off is a time consuming and wasteful practice for replacing these losses. Managing humidity levels from the start can save money, time and a great deal of energy.

European wineries stored barrels in natural cellars to maintain high humidity and reduce the need for topping. But modern wineries, with above ground, cooled aging rooms need modern humidification technology to moderate the humidity levels. Raising humidity to 95 percent can cut the loss of evaporation by more than half.

Smart Fog utilizes a patented technology that is simple to install and requires very little maintenance. The Smart Fog system will precisely maintain proper humidity levels; save on topping off costs; eliminate mold, bacteria and dust; and conserve energy and water.

The system operates at low pressure, so it’s safe. And, it’s made right here in the USA.

Learn more about Smart Fog systems by contacting or calling (800) 921-5230.

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