Smart Fog Protects Our Foods

In the food production industry, many companies need a dependable food storage unit. The owners and employers require Smart Fog’s unique food safety system. With this system, the produce is placed in a chamber or container and is quickly covered completely by a dense fog.

This dense fog is not just vapor. It also contains an organic disinfectant that protects the produce from bacteria, viruses, mold and other organisms. This way, the produce is completely protected. The owners of these companies should know that their foods will not contain any trace of bacteria or viruses. The system also eliminates any free water, because it is a dense fog.

The fog comes from a wall mount, which is easy to install. These owners can put this together, and with its durability, the system does not need much maintenance. It can also work in any temperature, so it is a good investment for any food producer.

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