Smart Fog Is a Great Wine Cellar Humidifier

Our wine cellar humidifier can benefit your winery in several ways. The Smart Fog system consistently produces water droplets that are 4.2 microns. These are distributed into the air in a uniform manner. Our systems use only low pressure compressed air and any available water pressure. The systems are low maintenance and are designed for simple installation for your winery.

How a wine cellar humidifier works

It is a known fact that wine evaporates through the barrels during the aging process. Over 14% of the volume can be lost over a three-year period. With a wine cellar humidifier like Smart Fog, the humidity in an above ground room can be raised to 95% which will result in far less loss by evaporation. Our humidifier can eliminate the need for topping and save wineries a substantial amount of money. Smart Fog emits tiny droplets of water that are only 4.2 microns in diameter. Before reaching the ground, they evaporate into the air, so no water pools on the barrels or on the floor.

A wine cellar humidifier saves wineries money

The main financial benefit of using one of our humidifier is that there is no need for topping since much of the evaporation is eliminated by creating the proper humidity in the room.

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