Smart Fog Announces the Top 5 Reasons to Buy American-made Products

At Smart Fog, all of the equipment sold is engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. with the strictest standards of workmanship and reliability. Smart Fog believes that the benefit of selling high-quality, American-made products greatly outweighs the cost benefits of selling products made in other parts of the world. Ido Goldstein, Director at Smart Fog Inc., highlighted the following five reasons why Americans should support companies with American-made products.

#5 – The US Economy and Future
By purchasing products made here in the US, consumers help American companies and keep US workers employed. Jobs that leave America rarely return since labor can be much more inexpensive overseas, so buying American keeps jobs here for future generations. It also helps America maintain its independence, when we don’t have to look to other countries for resources.

#4 – Trade Deficit
Because America imports more goods from other countries (especially those in Asia) than it exports, the United States has a large trade deficit. By purchasing and supporting companies with products made in America, consumers can help grow American companies, helping us to rely less on importing goods. This will help lower our deficit, and potentially someday grow it into a surplus.

#3 – The Environment
Many countries who manufacture goods that are sent to the USA do not have environmental protection laws, and if they do, they are sometimes not enforced. American companies must follow strict EPA regulations which results in less damage to our environment. In addition, products made in America do not need to travel as far to reach their destination, resulting in a much smaller carbon footprint.

#2 – Product Quality
In order to have lower pricing, companies often have to use lower quality components when building a product. American companies like Smart Fog use the best materials available to sell a top-notch product. In addition, consumers who buy from American-made companies can rest assured the product has passed American consumer protection and safety laws set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to protect you and your family from danger.

#1 – Labor Standards
Similar to #2 and #3 on this list because of the lack of regulations, many countries have little to no regulations of working conditions, including safety standards and unregulated minimum wages. Some American companies simply can’t compete in terms of price when other companies might pay its workers a small fraction of our minimum wage to do the same work overseas. In addition, sweatshops are known for exploiting children, as well as other human rights violations.

As you can see, it is important to spend your money on countries who manufacture in the United States. It strengthens our economy, decreases our trade deficit, helps protect our environment, produces higher quality products, and avoids supporting unethical labor standards and practices. For more information on Smart Fog and the American-made products they offer, please visit

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