Sell Best Top Quality Commercial Humidifier

If your industry relies on a humidification system, we have the best commercial humidifier to meet your needs. We serve many different industries, including winery, greenhouse and nursery, commercial HVAC, food safety sanitation, cold storage, and ripening rooms, manufacturing industries and many more.

Our smart fog commercial humidifier has many benefits

We have been providing humidification systems for over 30 years, and we know that our commercial humidifier has many features that are not found in other similar humidifiers. Our Smart Fog system uses the lowest energy and water consumption on the market, and we have the smallest droplet size of 4.2 microns in the market. Droplets this small can capture all of the dust particles in the air and suppress them to the ground, so our humidifier is often used for dust suppression purposes. We guarantee that there will be no wet spots because the humidifier has 100% water evaporation. Our humidification system can control 1% to 99% without wetting in any condition.

Our commercial humidifier offers simple and quick installation

With our simple plug and play installation, your industry will receive the benefits of our humidification system almost immediately. Smart Fog Systems require little maintenance and only need to be serviced one time every two years. Our products are made in the USA and must meet the strictest standards before being shipped to our customers. We will be happy to provide more information about our industrial products for you. You can contact us at and we will call you within one or two business days. We also have a toll free number that you can reach us at. It is 800-921-5230. Our other phone number is 775-954-0070. We will also be happy to provide a quote for you, along with the information that you need to switch to Smart Fog.


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