Running an Art Gallery? Make Sure you Have the Right Industrial Humidifier

Many industries can benefit from an industrial humidifier. But if you are running an art gallery, an industrial humidifier shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be a must. Dry air absorbs the moisture from the environment around it. When it extracts humidity from objects in the room, it causes them to contract. If you don’t supply a constant and steady amount of humidification to your art gallery, over time, you will begin to see cracks that can ruin the canvases. These are three reasons why having an industrial humidifier is necessary to protect your artwork.

The Health and Comfort of Employees and Visitors

When people come into your art gallery, you want them to stay and look around. Therefore, making them more comfortable is key. If the humidity of your art gallery is too dry, that can be irritating. Also, having the right humidity is important for the comfort and health of your employees. Nasal passages are the line of defense that your body has against viruses and bacteria. And if they are dry, it makes it harder for them to work properly. So, to reduce sick time for your employees and to aid in job satisfaction, the right humidity level is critical.

The Preservation of Your Artwork

As an art gallery owner, your most important duty is to protect your merchandise. By controlling your gallery’s humidity, you are ensuring that the artwork is preserved to the highest degree. Having the right humidity will also help to reduce things like bacteria and dust, which can build up on the surface of your paintings. Smart Fog’s industrial humidifiers are critical because they don’t cause water to pool from high humidity. Because our innovative technology makes water molecules repel instead of attracting one another, you don’t have to worry about too much moisture or water pooling causing damage.

Building and Maintenance

With other industrial humidifiers, it is possible for water to pool on the ground and create hazardous surfaces for visitors and employees. Thanks to the technology of Smart Fog, that is no longer an issue. You can keep your artwork from drying and cracking, and can decrease the risk of a slip and fall injury, due to the regular pooling of water that can come from other high-humidity industrial products.

If you own an art gallery, your first responsibility is to keep merchandise and your employees safe. A Smart Fog industrial humidifier will reduce dust and bacteria to keep everyone healthy and maintain a constant humidity to reduce drying and cracking of your most prized possessions. For more information about our industrial humidifiers check out Smart Fog today.

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