Prevent Sealing Problems Wine Cellar Humidifier

While some wineries have migrated to using bottle caps, many purists still firmly believe in using cork, whether for aesthetic or other reasons. If bottles are stored under dry conditions, corks may shrink somewhat, which could lead to problems with sealing. A wine cellar humidifier not only prevents sealing issues – it also lowers ambient temperatures so that wines are kept under ideal conditions. A single fog system with automation capabilities can keep an entire storage facility humidified.


Choose a Wine Cellar Humidifier with Low Operating Costs

It is wise to choose a wine cellar humidifier that will not be expensive to run. Because cellars must be kept humid constantly, it is best to purchase a machine which is sparing in its use of water and electricity. Newer systems are able to establish a pre-defined humidity level and then keep this level constant by switching on intermittently. These energy-saving systems are powerful enough to elevate humidity to well over ninety percent. Purchase such a system via

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