Outdoor Spaces That Can Benefit from an Industrial Humidifier

At first blush, it may seem strange to suggest that an outdoor space could benefit from a humidifier. After all, wouldn’t the humidity just disperse? In reality, the concentrated humidity produced by a good system can benefit a large area. There are several types of outdoor spaces that can benefit from an industrial humidifier. Read on to see if your space is on the list.

Outdoor Event Spaces

Outdoor events are notoriously unpredictable. While your planning may be perfect, all it takes is one thunderstorm to require everything to change. That said, there are absolutely ways to make an outdoor entertainment space more comfortable. With a built-in industrial humidifier, you can cool the ambient temperature significantly. You can also clear airborne particles in your space and discourage insects. Events that take place during the drier months will especially benefit.


Plants thrive best in environments with constant humidity. It is also essential for plant health that the humidity levels stay even. Levels that are either too high or too low encourage pests, disease, or rot. Because greenhouses are intentionally kept at warm temperatures, the air quickly dries out. An industrial humidifier is an excellent way to inject warm air with enough moisture for plants to thrive without over-wetting them. SmartFog’s unique technology creates water droplets that are small enough to evaporate without pooling. The benefits are clear, including fast plant germination and growth, increased productivity, and a better work environment for employees.

Theme Parks

A growing trend in the theme park industry is cool fog stations, where passersby are sprayed with a cooling mist to take the edge off of a hot day. This is an excellent application for an industrial humidifier and is good for other similar spaces as well. Playgrounds, zoos, hobby farms, and other recreational outdoor spaces would benefit from providing a cooling zone for attendees on hot days.


Many restaurants provide outdoor seating, but in some climates, there is a very narrow window for comfortable use. Restaurants with an industrial humidifier can cool and moisten the ambient air in their patio space. This allows patrons to enjoy their meals or drinks without perspiring or feeling too warm. Also, the droplets put into the air by a SmartFog system are small enough to suppress dust and other airborne particles. Overall, diners outdoors enjoy the beauty of the outside without the inconveniences.

While the outdoors isn’t the first place you expect an industrial humidifier, the benefits to certain spaces and industries is clear. Precise humidity levels increase the comfort of your patrons and employees. If you are interested in learning more about SmartFog industrial humidifiers and how they can support your organization, contact SmartFog today. To read more about SmartFog’s patented technology, click here.



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