Our Humidification Systems Used Many Industries

Smart Fog humidification systems are used by over 60 different industries. They rely on their consistent performance and the fact that they are fully automated to continually produce the correct humidification.

Cold storage and ripening rooms depend on our humidification systems

Our humidification systems offer the solution for humidity control in cold storage, pre-cooling, and ripening rooms. The humidity level can be set to operate at up to 99% humidity. With Smart Fog systems, disease and insects are eliminated as well as dust and mold. The humidity penetrates into packed produce to keep it in the best condition to prolong shelf life. There is no wetting because of our patented enforcement technologies to reverse the correlation effect. The result is consistent water droplet sizes of 4.2 microns that are evenly distributed into the air.

Dry fog humidification systems work best in cold storage

Our dry fog does not cause frost to form on items that are being stored, even when temperatures are down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, adequate humidity is produced to keep produce fresh. Our non-clogging nozzles eliminate the problem that many cold storage foggers and humidifiers have.

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