Our Dry Fog Humidifiers

Smart Fog has been producing dry fog humidification systems for industries for over 30 years. Our many customers trust us to design the best system for their needs, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We help businesses lower their costs and protect their products with our humidification systems.

Dry fog humidifiers for commercial or industrial needs

Our dry fog humidifiers were developed and patented because of their non-wetting capability. They produce the smallest water droplet in the humidification industry, and you can depend on them for consistent and reliable humidification. Our products are manufactured in the USA under strict standards, and they are designed to continue working for you for many years. We make products that are appropriate for many businesses, and we custom design systems for those who need a precise relative humidity level in their facility. Our team of engineers will be happy to discuss how our Smart Fog systems can be the perfect solution for your humidification needs.

Dry fog humidifiers with superior qualities

Our humidifiers have features that make them superior to others, such as a jumbo non-clogging nozzle orifice, low pressure of only 100 PSI, and our non-wetting precise humidity control. Our products are easy to use with plug and play installation, and most need maintenance only every two years.  They are energy and water efficient and eliminate mold, bacteria, and dust. Our direct space humidifier is wall mountable and does not require a drain because there is no wetting from our systems. You will see very little increase in your utility bills with our humidification systems. You are in control of how much humidity you need since our products provide from 1% to 100% humidity in any condition. Our modular system is able to fit into any application and size as well.

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