Non-Wetting Food Safety Solution

Smart Fog Transportation systems include a great solution for disinfecting produce while in transit. The Smart Fog Tunnel system disinfects with an organic disinfectant that instantly eliminates all viruses, bacteria, mold and other organisms.

It’s an ideal solution for disinfection of produce without wetting. Smart Fog Tunnel is a revolutionary step in increasing quality and solving all food safety problems in a short 10 seconds. The system is the last stage in the produce packaging process.

The non-wetting treatment disinfects water-sensitive produce without affecting the appearance. The treatment provides 100 percent coverage from all sides and there is no drying step needed.

The system helps produce suppliers comply with all new food safety regulations by eliminating all post harvest diseases and all human pathogens. It requires low chemical concentration and includes complete food-grade stainless steel construction.

The food safety system requires extremely low maintenance and can increase produce quality and produce shelf life.

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