Medical Cannabis Industry—SmartFog® Industrial Humidifier

As a grower in the medical cannabis industry, the need for the right amount of humidity levels for seedlings and cuttings can be a tricky business. Finding the right temperature for each growth stage takes time, energy, and the right kind of humidifier.

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*NON-FLUCTUATING precise humidity control to avoid mold growth on the plants and the flowers. Smart Fog can control +/- 2%, steam controls between +/- 10-15%.

*ITS A COLD FOG. We don’t go against your air conditioning system. It helps cool the space and save energy.

*YOU CAN GET THE HUMIDITY % you need in each growth stage +/- 2% throughout the space. The humidity will be uniform every single second, everywhere.

*Growers love our product because it maintains the RH % required by the plant – without damaging the plants and equipment (No rust).

*Our technology was originally developed for growing. The technology is SO PRECISE, and you can get an excellent growth rate and better flowering quality. Our customers all say that they achieve the highest quality product since they installed Smart Fog.

*Energy efficient system. Even with the compressor, our system is 90% more energy-efficient than steam, and it doesn’t heat the space.

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SmartFog® Industrial Humidifier has a revolutionary technology that controls humidity based on the decorrelation process that occurs naturally in the air. These effects are caused by negative charges of oxygen molecules with the positive charges of hydrogen molecules.

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Automatically inject any water-soluble fertilizer, nutrition, disease control, and sanitizer with the Smart Fog INJ-1 Injection Solution. Set the desired ratio in the digital controller.

A multi-zone system is possible.
SmartFog Industrial Humidifier can generate a strong vacuum, which cools both the air and the water. Regardless of the input temperature, the output is always 4°C (40°F).

The rapid evaporative cooling combined with the cold fog offers a double cooling effect.

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Humidify + Inject + Cool

1 System with 3 Features





If your seedlings have too little humidity throughout their sapling stage, their growth will be stunted. Adversely, older plants sprouted into buds will begin to grow mold, mildew, and botrytis if the humidity is too high.

This humidity battle is why finding the right humidifier for where you grow your medical cannabis is a necessity.

While there are many types of humidifiers produced, few are designed with medical-industry growers in mind. SmartFog® Industrial Humidifiers has you covered.

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