Many Industries Use Our SmartFog Humidification Systems

Many different industries need humidification to operate at their optimum performance. Like temperature control or any other environmental control, humidity can also be controlled without wet spots when Smart Fog is used.

We make different humidification systems for various industries

Different industries and commercial sites require unique SmartFog humidification systems. We tailor our humidifiers to meet the needs of these businesses. Our Fog Tunnel system is the ideal solution for food safety and can be used on any conveyor system or it can be custom made for new installations. The Fog Tunnel is made of high quality stainless steel, and all materials in it are food grade. It is easy to use and has a controller unit that controls temperature as well as humidity. It is known for its set and forget capability. It uses a four stage filter that removes minerals from the water, and it has a user friendly digital input that controls chemicals that are placed into it.

Our humidification systems use Smart Fog technology

Regardless of which type of system your industry requires, our systems use the smallest droplet size available in any system. Droplets are only 4.2 micron in size, offering wet-free humidity that is maintenance free with no moving parts. We are so sure that you will have no wet spots that we guarantee it. You can conserve energy and water with our system if you need to use a humidifier for a large application, such as dust suppression and greenhouse or nursery operations that are over 10,000 square foot. The MS100 SmartFog Humidification System for this purpose is a modular system that can fit any application and size. It will provide complete dust suppression and is safe with low operating pressure. You can have precise relative humidity control with this system.

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