Making Public Spaces, Healthy Spaces Smart Fog Humidification

Commercial humidification is not just for offices or factories. Anywhere that dust can gather and where temperatures and static buildup need to be controlled, can benefit from the presence of commercial and industrial humidifiers. These spaces can include malls, educational facilities, gyms, event halls, hotels, and movie theaters. Any place where large numbers of people congregate indoors can experience issues with air quality, and humidification equipment can effectively improve upon any deficiencies.

For public spaces that are near major roadways or highways, or look out upon large scale construction, a commercial humidification system can aid in dust suppression. While workers outside might be wearing dust masks and other protective equipment, the staff and clientele inside nearby office buildings or shopping centers, are not. However, they are still inhaling much of the same dust and particle matter to which the workers outside are being exposed. A humidification system can ensure that the air everyone is inhaling, whether they are shopping, learning, or sleeping, is healthy, clean, and safe.

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