Make Room Humidifiers Proper Humidification

At Smart Fog, we have been making room humidifiers for over 30 years. Our humidification systems have helped many industries lower their costs and protect their products with our products. We make humidifiers for a wide range of applications in commercial or industrial environments.

Smart fog room humidifiers have features that are unique

Our room humidifiers deliver consistent humidity levels. We have systems that will work properly in any size room, and if you need a special order, we also specialize in customizing systems for our customers. We guarantee that you will have no wetting and no wet spots at all. Our smallest droplet size in the market is a mere 4.2 microns, and our patented technology keeps the moisture in the air at all times. With low maintenance that is required once every two years and award winning support and customer service, it is not surprising that we are recognized as the best manufacturer of humidification products.

Room humidifiers for cold storage

Our specialized humidifiers for cold storage rooms help you maintain disease free produce that stays in the best condition for maximum shelf life. Our humidifiers eliminate disease and insects as well as mold and dust. They use little energy and water and operate under low pressure for safety. When the humidity from our humidification system penetrates into packed produce, it stays fresh longer. This is because a high humidity level in the air helps the weight of the water stay in your produce and it does not evaporate into the air. Our tiny water droplets evaporate into the air before they reach the floor, even at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. We also make large fogger nozzles that will not clog or freeze like many others with pinhole orifices. Our technology can sense when more humidity needs to be released to maintain the humidity level that you have set the humidifier on.

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