Keep Schools Safer This Fall With an Industrial Humidifier


As kids head back to school this fall, one of the main concerns is the COVID-19 virus spreading amongst students and teachers. While some schools have opted to begin the year virtually, many others are attempting to make in-person learning work. These schools are doing everything they can to create and maintain the cleanest learning environment possible. From hiring extra custodial staff to stocking up on Clorox wipes, they are ready to clean every inch of the school as much as possible to prevent the spread of the virus. Another way schools can reduce germs is through the use of industrial humidifiers. These help keep schools clean and the air comfortable for students to learn. Schools can install in-duct humidifiers or place mobile ones throughout the campus.  

Reduces Dust, Mold, Bacteria, and Viruses  Viruses 

A Smart Fog industrial humidifier uses micron droplets to keep environments clean and healthy. Each dispensed droplet is injected with oxygen. The droplet then goes through a reverse correlation process. This reverses cohesion and maximizes adhesion. The adhesive property attracts dust, mold, bacteria, and virus particles and oxidizes them. Since the droplets are so small (4.2 microns) they can achieve 100% dust suppression.

The reduction of dust is key in school environments. Many students have preexisting conditions like asthma and allergies. These issues are further aggravated by dust. An industrial humidifier is one way to reduce dust in the environment. It is better than a good dusting routine by staff because it will prevent dust in those hard to reach areas as well.

Mold is another thing that is greatly reduced with the help of a humidifier. Mold spores in a school environment are far from ideal. This can cause illness from respiratory issues to skin conditions. Older schools are more likely than newer schools to have mold issues, so the addition of a humidifier is extremely helpful in reducing the mold spore count.

In addition, bacteria and viruses can make students very sick. This year, the biggest concern is the spread of COVID-19. Even during a non-pandemic year, things like colds and the flu can spread quickly through the school building. This year, install humidifiers that can greatly help reduce viruses. Since COVID-19 is so contagious, schools must do all they can to reduce the spread of the virus. 

Non-Wetting Technology 

Humidifiers are effective because they create a comfortable, clean environment. However, sometimes they leave behind wet surfaces. All Smart Fog humidifiers contain non-wetting technology which is made possible by the size of the droplets. At 4.2 microns, they are the smallest humidifier droplets on the market. This means that the droplets are fully evaporated before they ever reach any surface in the room. Can you imagine a classroom where the desks, paper, rug, and floor are wet from the humidifier? Not only would that be miserable, but it would also be dangerous. This is why schools must invest in humidifiers that have 100% evaporation rates. They leave the air comfortable while leaving the surfaces dry.

In-Duct and Mobile 

For a school, it is a good idea to get in-duct and mobile humidifiers. The in-duct humidifiers will do a great job providing moisture to the air and reducing viruses in the school as a whole. The mobile humidifiers can be moved around the school to areas where a little more humidity or virus control is needed. For example, it would be a good idea to place a humidifier in a nurse’s office because this is a place that potentially has a higher concentration of viruses and bacteria. If a certain classroom is having issues with a cold or flu passing around among the students, it is a good idea to temporarily place a mobile humidifier inside that classroom. Mobile humidifiers can also be used in highly frequented areas where germs are more likely to spread like the music room, gym, library, or auditorium. 

Easy to Install and Low Maintenance 

When schools are searching for the best humidifiers, it is important to pick one that is easy to install and low maintenance. 

The Smart Fog in-duct humidifiers feature a quick and easy, plug and play installation. All the piping and fittings required to install the system are provided. They are easy to attach and quick to assemble. An additional PC communication package can be installed if the school is interested in data collection and remote system control features. In addition, the system’s CPLC Controller program can be customized to fit your school’s needs. It is also able to communicate with most Building Automation Systems.

The mobile humidifiers are portable and can easily be moved around the school building. Just like the in-duct system, installation is as easy as plug and go! Need to move it to another classroom or area of the school? Simply unplug, move, and plug back in. 

Since these humidifiers contain no moving parts, they rarely need maintenance. These systems don’t have drains, pumps, or fans. Typically the most maintenance required is to replace filters every couple of years. 

Now more than ever, schools need to be doing everything possible to reduce viruses and bacteria in the building. The COVID-19 pandemic has many parents, teachers, and school administrators worried about what in-person learning will look like this fall. An industrial humidifier is one tool that can help reduce viruses in the school environment. The adhesion technology attracts viruses, bacteria, mold, and dust, oxidizing them before they ever reach a surface or a person. For more information about Smart Fog humidifiers and how they work in the school environment, contact us today.

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