In-Duct Humidifier: Is It Right for Me?

At Smart Fog, we produce top of the line humidifiers for all different types of environments. Our humidifiers can be found in schools, medical facilities, wine cellars, ripening rooms, labs, printing presses, and more. The Smart Fog products provide precise levels of humidity without leaving behind wet surfaces. Smart Fog also offers a variety of products including an in-duct humidifier, direct space humidifier, a mobile humidifier, and fog tunnels. Read on to learn more about Smart Fog and the available systems.

Benefits of a Smart Fog System

If your business is looking for a humidifier, Smart Fog is the way to go. First and foremost, the Smart Fog systems have the smallest droplets in the industry. The droplets are only 4.2 microns. So what does this mean? The droplets are so small that they are able to evaporate before they touch any surface in the room, This means your room gets the correct level of humidity without the surfaces getting wet. This is a huge benefit. Think about it. If you install a humidifier in a classroom, you don’t want the kids’ desks to be wet all day. Consider a printing press. Wet paper would ruin the process.

Another big benefit of a Smart Fog system is the ability to reduce dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses. A Smart Fog system will keep your environment cleaner and less germ-ridden. Another benefit of a Smart Fog system is the ability to maintain precise humidity control. The humidifiers use state-of-the-art algorithms to maintain a consistent level of humidity. They can adjust levels if necessary. The systems also comes with optional double cooling effect technology in which the air and water can be cooled. This can help improve energy efficiency in the room. Finally, these humidifiers are extremely easy to install. They also require little maintenance. Simply plug in and they are ready to go. Smart Fog humidifiers are durable. In addition, they come with a comprehensive one-year warranty just in case.

In-Duct Humidifier

The in-duct humidifier can be inserted directly into the ducts of a building. This type of humidifier requires no drains, pumps, or fans. At Smart Fog, we offer the following in-duct models:

  • TS100-1
  • TS100-1H
  • TS100-2
  • TS100-25

In-duct humidifiers are great options for office buildings where humidifiers may be needed but should not be seen. They are also good for schools and medical facilities.

Direct Space

A direct space humidifier can be mounted to a wall. Just like with the in-duct humidifier, there are 4 options in the direct space ES series:

  • ES100-1
  • ES100-2
  • ES100-1H
  • ES100-2H

These humidifiers work well in rooms like wine cellars and in greenhouses where humidity is needed but does not need to come out of the air ducts. The direct space humidifiers disperse droplets directly into the environment. They are also very energy efficient.

Mobile – When an In-Duct Humidifier Isn’t Possible

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photo by matthew rader on unsplash

Mobile humidifiers come in handy when, due to the environment, you are unable to install a more permanent, in-duct humidifier. For example, in the trucking industry, it is important to have humidifiers in the back of the truck. This  protects things like fruits, vegetables, medications, and more. Since the environment is a truck, it is impossible to install an in-duct or direct space option. The mobile solution allows for a humidifier to easily be placed in the truck. It can also be moved between trucks based on shipping needs.

Another industry that needs mobile humidifiers is sea transportation. These humidifiers can actually be put in shipping containers to make sure the environment maintains proper levels of humidity. Schools can also use mobile humidifiers for convenience. The humidifier can be moved around to classrooms, nurses office, or the gym, depending on the needs. Smart Fog provides the ES100M for all of your mobile humidifier needs.  Even though these humidifiers are mobile, they still have a +/- 1% level of even distribution.

Fog Tunnel

The fog tunnel humidifier provides food safety and disinfection. As fruits and vegetables move down the conveyor belt, the fog tunnel helps make sure the produce complies with food safety regulations. The fog tunnel is a stainless-steel enclosure. The fog tunnel is food grade, UL and NSF approved, and RoHS compliant. Since Smart Fog systems are all non-wetting, the fog tunnel can disinfect produce even if it is water sensitive. This system can even disinfect packaged product! In order to comply with food safety laws, the fog tunnel eliminates post-harvest disease and human pathogens. Once the produce goes through the fog tunnel, it is clean and ready for packaging.

A humidifier is a necessary piece of equipment in various environments. In some industries, precise humidity control is crucial. For example, anytime produce is involved, precise humidity is needed so that the fruit doesn’t ripe too quickly and become unsellable before it reaches the grocery store shelf. In addition, a wine cellar needs precise levels of humidity in order for the wine to properly age in the barrels to reach perfection. The Smart Fog humidifiers greatly reduce mold, bacteria, viruses, and dust.

Whether you own a greenhouse or a printing press, Smart Fog is here to take care of your humidifier needs. Check out our in-duct humidifier, direct space humidifier, mobile humidifier, or fog tunnel and figure out which works best in your setting. For more information about Smart Fog technology and the humidifier models that we carry, contact us today.

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