Humidity Control Food Ripening Facilities

In a food ripening facility, a room humidifier is able to keep temperatures lower so that food does not spoil prematurely. Airborne bacteria can cause food to spoil quickly, but elevated humidity levels help to ensure that bacteria are suppressed. Ripening facilities require constant humidity control, which is why businesses in the food supply industry prefer fog systems which need minimal maintenance. Systems which only need to be serviced every two years can be run continuously without frequent down time.

Automating Humidity Control

The latest technology in humidity control makes it possible to define a desired target or range and leave the machine to do the rest. Automation leads to power savings, as machines are able to switch off certain processes while monitoring the environment, so that they will turn back on if necessary. Older systems produced water droplets of inconsistent sizes in a steady output, and this not only wasted water but electricity too. Order an economical system that can be adapted to facilities of all sizes, via

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