Humidification in the HVAC Industry

Controlling ambient humidity levels via the use of industrial humidifier systems is important in a number of industries. In cultivation, certain species of plant require higher humidity than others, and humidity also helps to prevent the growth of certain types of mold. Humidification in the HVAC industry is important for dust suppression, and this is used in factories where dust could easily clog systems and create technical issues.

Advanced Technology and Superior Humidification

Developments in the field of HVAC technology have led to the creation of industrial systems which provide superior humidification. Machines are now capable of attaining ambient humidity levels of ninety percent or higher, without producing unwanted conditions such as surface wetting. A system which produces micro droplets is capable of dispersing moisture evenly, without water pooling. Automation is a key aspect of newer systems, which consume less power by switching on and off to maintain target levels. Find a system that is well-suited to your application via

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