How a Humidification System Benefits Your Business

You may be surprised to learn how a humidification system can benefit your business. By installing one of our systems in your business, you can experience various benefits for employees, clients and equipment. These are the benefits that your business may experience from a humidifying system.

Air Quality Benefits

A humidification system works by adding tiny water droplets to the air. These droplets are so small that they can remove impurities from the air everyone breathes at your place of business. The droplets can remove dust, bacteria, mold and many airborne diseases.

The immediate benefit is the rapid improvement of air quality. Your employees may have fewer sick days with the cleaner air. They may also work with greater focus, which improves efficiency and your profit margins.

Reduce Static Electricity

In winter, the air becomes dry and charged with static electricity. This can become a nuisance, or it could potentially spark a fire. Depending on your industry, you may need to eliminate static electricity. A humidification system can help you do that.

The tiny water droplets remove the static electricity from the air. They bind to the charged particles and neutralize them. If reducing the risk of static electricity is important to your business, you need an industrial humidifier to help you meet this goal with ease.

Consistent Humidity Levels

Many industries depend on consistent humidity levels for production. For example, a fruit ripening business needs the air to stay at the right humidity level for correct ripening to occur. Another example is a museum, where historical documents and artifacts must be shielded from high humidity levels.

A humidification system from SmartFog automatically calibrates the humidity level. You set the humidity at the right level for your business, and then the system handles it for you. Our low maintenance system is easy to use and stays on track without your help.

Low Maintenance

Have you used inexpensive humidifiers at your business? They tend to be unreliable. These humidifiers need constant maintenance. If not closely monitored, they can leak and cause damage to surrounding materials.

SmartFog humidifiers operate much better than average humidifiers. Our machines have no moving parts, and require little to no maintenance. Since our machines produce droplets of uniform size, they are small enough to improve the air quality without causing messy leaks. They produce a good return on your investment since they don’t involve much maintenance.

Choosing a Humidification System

We have several different humidification systems to suit your needs. You can use our direct space or mobile humidifiers for smaller areas. If you wish to humidify the entire building, our in-duct humidifier is an excellent choice.

Depending on your budget and needs, we will suggest the best type of humidifier for your business. We listen to your needs and base our advice on the best fit for you. Whether your business is small or large, we have different options available to fit your price range. To learn which humidification system may be right for you, contact SmartFog today.

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