Food Safety Myths Revealed

There are thousands of food-borne illness cases reported every year. Most people feel that they know the facts and figures of food safety, however, those ideas might not all be correct. It is important to know the truths about food safety in order to ensure the health of yourself as well as consumers. These common myths may surprise you:

Myth 1: The illness associated with poor food safety is not a huge deal

Food contamination is nothing to be taken lightly. While some think it might just be a night of vomiting, these illnesses can actually cause long-term health issues, as well as death.

Myth 2: Food is safe to eat until it smells bad

There are many types of bacteria that can cause harm to the body that do not affect the smell or appearance of food.

Myth 3: Once food has been cooked, it doesn’t matter if it’s stored properly, because the bacteria has already been killed

The chances that harmful bacteria are lurking on food after cooking actually increase. The heat gives a warm and comfortable environment for bacteria to grow, especially if it has not been cooked properly.

Myth 4: Washing fruits and vegetables with soap, will ensure food safety

Soap can actually leave a residue on the produce which can harm individuals who consume it. The best way to make sure fruits and veggies are safe, is to thoroughly rinse them with clean water and make sure they aren’t contaminated. Then make sure they’re properly stored.

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