Finding a Humidification Solution With Little Maintenance: Is it Possible?

Finding a humidification solution to your industry’s low humidity problem is perhaps on your agenda before 2016 ends. However, you probably fear one thing in buying one or more humidifiers for your business: High maintenance.

While most humidifiers on the market require maintenance, cool mist humidifiers are typically the ones requiring the most repairs. One reason is they’re filled with complex features (and sometimes moving parts) that can easily break down.

If you’re adhering to a strict budget, this might keep you from wanting to buy any kind of humidifier, especially if you need more than one. Here at Smart Fog, we’ve developed humidifying systems with complete durability and don’t require the hefty maintenance others do.

When you analyze some of our features, you’ll see why. Much of the technologies we use have patents thanks to our own innovations. Now you can maintain the relative humidity in your workplace without sudden technical problems.

Using a De-Correlation Process

A major feature you’ll like through us is a de-correlation system that’s completely natural. Most humidifiers don’t have this and usually create a correlation process, meaning condensation on workplace surfaces.

Preventing this on all of our humidifying products, you can expect more energy efficiency. It also means you’re not going to overwork the humidifier, which could otherwise mean needing repairs sooner than you expected.

To achieve the reverse correlation effect, you won’t have to use any chemicals either. Using chemicals could cause other problems if mishandled, including damaging a humidifier if not used correctly.

Non-Clogging Nozzles

In order to make the de-correlation process work, you’ll need a nozzle with a large enough orifice. Anything less can easily clog the nozzle, and that could overheat the humidifier.

We’ve seen so many products do this, we made a large enough orifice to prevent clogging. Plus, we’ve made the nozzle out of stainless steel to assure it holds up through any conditions.

With these improvements alone, you get a humidifier with far less chance of breaking down before the product turns a year old. While you do have an extended warranty, we give a strong guarantee most common problems won’t occur.

Low-Pressure Operation

Using only 100 psi of compressed air on our products, you get a safer humidifier using low pressure operation. This is essential for safety of employees, though it also means less chance of a humidifier being overheated.

Anything overworking these machines can end up causing technical failures and expensive repairs. Considering we’ve also created a non-heating mechanism in each product, you can leave these unattended and not worry about any malfunctions.

Easy Installation

No doubt you have bad memories of assembling humidifiers in the past. All of ours have extremely easy installation so there isn’t any chance of something going wrong.

We adhere to the highest standards in the materials used and in the safety aspects of use. Since we make all our humidifiers here in the USA, you’re assured quality rather than something made on the cheap in a foreign country.

Not Having to Deal With Moving Parts

Almost every other humidifier product on the market has some kind of complex moving part to it that can easily break in short order. You won’t find any moving parts on our products, which helps in not only less maintenance, but also provides safety to those working in the vicinity.

Along with other innovative technologies we’ve developed (like our intelligent humidity controller), you can turn on your humidifier and forget it’s even there. With complete precision, you’ll control RH and install the product anywhere you need, including on a wall, or in your HVAC system.

Contact us at Smart Fog to see our collection of commercial humidifiers so you can buy in confidence.

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