Ensuring Valuables Safe Storage

If you are considering putting some of your valuable possessions into a storage facility, make sure you understand how these valuables need to be stored, especially if they are family heirlooms, antiques or sentimental works of art.

Valuables should be properly wrapped in a very soft material such as a blanket, felt or even bubble wrap. You may want to use clear plastic wrap instead of tape. If tape becomes adhered to an item it might take the finish off when removed. Pack the corners of frames or artwork securely with cardboard corners. These can be purchased at any packing supply store. There are boxes designed especially for mirrors or paintings, and remember to never store them lying flat; always lean them up against a wall.

If you have larger furniture, don’t stack them inside other furniture. Wrap them in cloth and leave them standing freely. You may also want to spray the furniture with a quality polish for some added protection before putting it into storage. If there are metal objects, wipe them with oil to prevent rusting.

You also want to make sure the storage facility has central air, heat and a humidification system, so you can maintain climate control. Typically, you want the unit to be maintained from between 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You want to protect these valuables against yellowing, cracking, warping and even corrosion.

If you are storing these items to keep them safe, make sure you have insurance and take a photograph of each piece before it goes into storage so you have a record of what it looks like.

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