Eliminate Mold Advanced Fog System

The growth of mold is unwanted in many industries, but this is especially true for food ripening facilities and greenhouses. An advanced fog system elevates humidity in such a way that water is not able to accumulate in wet spots. A humidifier which produces droplets which are consistent in size is able to disperse water vapor throughout a space evenly. This prevents droplets from joining to form the wet patches which lead to mold.

Choose a Fog System that cannot be Clogged

A poorly designed system might clog from time to time, and this produces erratic performance. A well-designed fog system, which has a non-clogging orifice, can be left unattended and automated to keep humidity at a predefined level. The best technology makes use of automation in such a way that electricity consumption is reduced. Dry fog machines provide especially precise climactic control. Find a machine suited to your application at www.smartfog.com.

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