Dust Suppression Easy Smart Fog Humidifiers

Smart Fog humidifiers offer 100% dust suppression. With our systems, you can safeguard and protect workers so that they do not breathe large amounts of dust for long periods of time. Both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have established guidelines so that business owners can comply with these standards. Simple breathing masks do not always eliminate enough dust particles to keep employees safe and healthy.

How our smart fog dust suppression systems work

At Smart Fog, we have created a proven method of dust suppression. The water droplets produced by our humidifiers are the smallest in the industry. They trap dust particles so that cannot travel through the air. Our tiny droplets are capable of catching all sizes of dust particles. Our humidifiers produce many more droplets than most systems because they are so small, so there are far more droplets in the air to catch the dust particles. Our systems have been proven to provide 100% dust suppression.

Our products offer long-lasting dust suppression

Our humidification equipment keeps dust out of the air. We use the best materials to make our humidifiers right here in the USA.

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