Cool Mist Humidifiers Help Many Industries Control Humidity

Temperature control is an important part of humidification, especially for greenhouses. Some plants require misting and cooling systems. Smart Fog cool mist humidifiers provide water and temperature control.

Our cool mist humidifiers do not leave puddles of water

Smart Fog cool mist humidifiers provide misting and cooling without leaving puddles of water on the soil. This is important since standing water can damage plants and cause the growth of mold. Plant species that require cooler temperatures will thrive when the humidity is set at the proper level. This type of humidifier keeps the temperatures down to the range where some plants grow best.

Cool mist humidifiers have many other important uses

Keeping the humidity down is important in printing facilities, paint booths, laboratories, and some manufacturing facilities. It is also used for dust suppression in some industries that also require temperature control. Our Smart Fog humidifiers use very little energy and have the lowest energy and water consumption in the market. Tiny particles of water are produced by our systems so that no puddles result. Another advantage of our systems is that they require very low maintenance and only need to be serviced every two years.

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