Commercial Humidifier Systems Food Safety Sanitation

Smart Fog Inc. has a reputation as the World’s leader in the Industrial and Commercial humidification systems. Their history of 30 years of excellent customer service is unmatched. Smart Fog has the latest, most advanced energy and water efficient solutions in the entire industry. Smart Fog provides customers with thorough service care and in-house training to match their highly efficient equipment.

Smart Fog sells the best commercial humidifier in the industry. They provide service to many different industries, including commercial HVAC, food safety sanitation, winery, and manufacturing industries. Smart Fog has a simple plug and play installation. All industries who use these commercial humidifiers will benefit almost immediately. These systems require very little maintenance, and only need to be serviced once every two years.

Smart Fog Food Safety Solutions is highly regarded as one of the best in its industry. They fully cover up the safety chain, from the field storage to the retail display case. Smart Fog has a complete fogging chamber, which is structured over already existing conveyer systems, and eliminates wetting. It also has the ability to be provided as an additional component. The food that enters the Smart Fog Conveyer System is completely hidden by a thick fog. The thick fog made by the Conveyer System contains a disinfectant that is organic. This process gets rid of all germs. The food exiting the chamber does not have any traces of disease and free water. Smart Fog provides the perfect solution for cleaning of produce without wetting.

The Pre-Cooling and Cold Storage System also has many features and benefits. The Wall Mount System is uncomplicated to install and economical. The system is made from chemical resistant materials that provide a sturdy,durable, maintenance free solution. The system is entirely automated. There is no reentry time allowing for the system to work in high traffic storage buildings. The thick fog can penetrate packed boxes.

The Smart Fog Transportation System will disinfect food in transit. The Smart Fog Transportation System treats all containers or trucks with disinfectants before they leave. As noted earlier, the thick fog produced by this system gets rid of all viruses, bacteria, mold, and other organisms. The Smart Fog Produce Retail Display Case System increases quality and expands the longevity.

These are just a few of the features that come with Smart Fog’s commercial humidifier. They have the smallest droplet in the industry at 4.2 micron. Droplets that small capture all of the dust particles in the air and subdue them, so the humidifier is used regularly for dust suppression purposes.Their commercial humidifier has low energy consumption. The humidifier has a safe low pressure system at 100 psi compressed air. The humidifier has 100% water evaporation and can control 1% to 99% without wetting in any condition. The energy and labor being saved with the commercial humidifier will lead to a fast return on investment.

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