Cold Storage Humidification System

High relative humidity means the surrounding air cannot hold more water vapor, so the weight of the water stays in the produce and does not evaporate into the air. As water loss breaks down cell turgor, produce loses firmness and skin shrivels, high humidity keeps the water inside for full firm produce. Water loss and loss of firmness mean lower quality – and lower prices for the produce. Maintain high humidity enables storage of sensitive products to extend supply for the best market periods. Storage in high relative humidity extents shelf life.

Using  compressed air, the Smart Fog  System produces 4.2 micro-droplets (Dry Fog) which evaporate into the air before they reach the floor – even at 32 °F (0 °C) temperature. And the large 0.1″ (1.5 mm) orifice in the fogger nozzle won’t freeze or clog like pin-hole orifice foggers. Heating tape on the pipe system keeps the lines open, and the Smart Fog Fogger System delivers true high humidity “dry fog” without icing the produce.

Accurate control is necessary to provide the exact amount of water vapor that the air can hold. The Smart Fog Humidity Sensor is High technology to control the high humidity up to 95-98% RH – where other humidity meters get stuck. It constantly senses the relative humidity in the room and electronically turns the Smart Fog Foggers on or off to maintain the required humidity level. The Smart Fog Humidity Sensor is more accurate and more reliable at high humidity than any other RH meter on the market. It allows full outside computer control and tracking of the humidity level in the Cold Storage.

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