Cannabis Production Using Smart Fog Delivers Better Quality

From wineries to greenhouses, Smart Fog industrial humidifier customers say the same thing: healthy plants are the key to healthy profits. The same goes for commercial weed production and cannabis growers. Here’s why so many choose cannabis production using smart fog.

Industrial Humidifiers Help Cannabis Plants Achieve Even Growth

Maintaining the proper humidity levels in any commercial agriculture business is important to plant health and development. Once you’ve determined the correct humidity and temperature for optimal plant growth, you’ll know what to expect regarding harvesting and replanting, creating a profitable growth cycle of cannabis production using smart fog.

If you cannot maintain constant and correct humidity levels, your plants will suffer.

In most states where medical marijuana is permitted, there are strict regulations regarding weed transportation and distribution. Plants that have been grown in well-maintained conditions, including proper humidity and temperature levels, typically withstand transportation better than weed grown in variable conditions. Growers who

Proper Humidity Levels for Weed Growth Can Reduce Water Usage

In many areas where cannabis production is legal, states are regulating water usage for agriculture, including commercial weed growers. (California’s State Water Resources Board held several meetings for growers this fall, for example.)

Cultivation of weed needs consistent humidity levels. Cannabis growers need to use less water over the plant lifecycle. Plants grown in consistently humid conditions are typically stronger, healthier plants, and therefore can be more attractive to commercial buyers.

But consistently high humidity isn’t ideal for cannabis growth. Experienced growers know controlling humidity is crucial to good weed production. Typically, high humidity is recommended for seedlings and clones, and humidity is reduced for mature plants. In other words, the key to weed production is control.

Reliable humidifier systems that give growers excellent control. Which also means a shot at higher profits.

How Humidity Affects Storage of Cannabis Plants, Commercial Weed

Humidity levels are crucial for weed production, and not just during the plants’ growth phase. Relative Humidity (RH) remains a critical factor in cannabis production facilities, even after harvesting and preparing for sale. Dry air, which is common in commercially air-conditioned and heated buildings, reduces the quality of the bud and flower. It can also reduce total production weight, which will reduce profits.

In a new and rapidly growing industry such as commercial cannabis production, quality matters. The quality of your plants can make or break your reputation as a grower. Even when you have healthy plants, post-harvest handling can affect your profits.

Cannabis production using smart fog to manage humidity and temperature levels during growth and packaging is very beneficial. The ambient humidity – levels in your storage and packaging areas – also affects production.

Smart Fog’s Technology is the Best Choice for Medical, Industrial, Agricultural Applications

For more than 30 years, Smart Fog has been the choice of commercial growers, industrial clean rooms, medical clinics and other controlled environments. Because Smart Fog uses the smallest sized droplets in the industry, our clients don’t have to worry about wet spots or spills. Smart Fog’s stainless steel, never-clogging nozzles are virtually maintenance free. The safe, low-pressure system and intelligent, precise humidity control make it easy to maintain your growing operations at optimal production levels.

Installation of Smart Fog systems is also easier. Because Smart Fog is a low-pressure system, it can use flexible piping. Translation: no-hassle installations!

Plug & Play Installations Are Fast, Easy

Standard, flexible piping makes installs easy. Smart Fog systems meet or exceed building standards. Push-in connectors are re-usable. No adhesives. No moving parts. What does this mean? Low-cost, easy installations.

Find out why growers worldwide count on Smart Fog. Is your goal is to run a trouble-free facility, and have quality cannabis production? We can help. For more information or a free consultation, contact us.

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