Buying a Commercial Humidifier for Cold Storage

Working in the produce industry means paying close attention to humidity in the warehouse or cold storage because any variations can quickly ruin food quality and create other issues. You likely already know this if starting out in the industry, though your main challenge is to find humidifiers giving you reliable features.

Finding a humidifier for the cold storage industry can become frustrating when all you can find are products that have too many moving parts, need continual maintenance, or don’t have innovative features.

When you’re running a busy food produce warehouse, you don’t have time to constantly monitor a humidifier with no intelligent humidity control. You also want one helping to increase the shelf life of your produce, prevents disease, and maintains produce quality.

With specific innovations, you can make this happen, though Smart Fog helps integrate many of these in one unit. Along with variations on how to use these, you’ll make your cold storage produce facility run more efficiently than it ever has.

Maintaining Strong Humidity Without Excessive Condensation

One major challenge you’ve likely had to overcome is maintaining a strong humidity level in your cold storage area to keep your produce fresh. The problem is, you may not find a humidifier that can maintain freshness without causing excessive condensation and potentially damaging the foods.

It’s important to maintain up to 99% humidity in these environments, despite many humidifiers forcing you to monitor them to maintain control. Obviously, you don’t have time to constantly monitor the unit to assure it keeps your relative humidity high. You also don’t want to have to hire someone to keep constant watch.

Our humidifiers at Smart Fog give you intelligent precision control to keep your humidity high at all times in your facility. At play here is a non-wetting procedure that keeps condensation away.

Non-Wetting Cold Storage Food Safety Solutions

Part of what makes our non-wetting system so successful is our innovative de-correlation process that prevents condensation from occurring. It forces water into the air so you provide disinfection materials without creating risks to your employees or the produce.

In addition, our products create a super fine fog penetrating packaging to keep your produce healthy. With this type of innovation, you’ll own something all too rare in competing humidifying equipment.

What you’ll appreciate most of all is how easy it is to install these humidifiers when space is a problem in your cold storage warehouse.

What Kind of Humidifying Systems Do You Need for Produce?

When you have no physical room left to place a direct-space humidifier, you’re sometimes out of luck when buying other products. Our Smart Fog humidifiers can install in a nearby wall for use as a direct room injection system.

Working with produce usually means multiple warehouse workers and multiple equipments, so having your humidifier in the wall prevents obstructions.

Regardless, this isn’t the only option available. It’s possible to use a mobile unit as well if you need to provide humidification in other departments or buildings. An even rarer innovation is fog tunnel formats easily installing over conveyor systems.

Since working with a conveyor belt is a constant in the produce industry, being able to control humidity directly in the conveyor unit removes many inconveniences.

Eliminating Disease and Insects

Without better controlling humidity on your produce, it can lead to potential disease and insect problems. Both of these could affect the health of your warehouse workers as well, leading to sudden illness.

You may not always think enough about how humidity affects human health, but it does in more ways than one. Controlling humidity maintains the health of your employees long-term while taking your produce company to the next level to stay competitive.

Advantages of Cold Storage Humidification Systems

Inside most refrigerators is a drawer labeled “crisper”. This is the best place for storing fresh fruits and vegetables until they are ready to be consumed. The purpose of the crisper is to enclose the vegetables in a small, cold space with a higher humidity level than the rest of the refrigerator. The same concept can be applied to commercial cold storage. Smart Fog ® cold storage equipment provides the right amount of humidity for goods in cold storage without excessive dampness.

There is a fine line in the amount of moisture tolerated by cold storage goods. Too much can lead to wilting and encourage frost, whereas too little and the products dry out and get “freezer burn”. Smart Fog ® systems are designed to spray a fine micromist ( dry fog) into the cold storage environment. This mist is dispersed evenly throughout the storage unit so that it will not collect as droplets on surfaces. The result is a higher level of humidity without the risk of frost formation.

Smart Fog ® systems are self regulating and do not need to be adjusted unlike other misting units. Frequent openings of the door of the cold storage unit can change the humidity levels, but the Smart Fog ® system monitors this and changes the amount of Dry Fog it produces.

Goods kept in cold storage should last for a long time, and the key to keeping these items fresh for the maximum amount of time is to regulate the humidity levels with Smart Fog ® cold storage equipment.

Contact us at Smart Fog to learn more about our humidifiers for cold storage of food and how much energy-efficiency you’ll experience.

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