Breakthroughs Air Humidifier Technology

It was sometimes the case with older humidifiers that unwanted wet spots were produced. The tendency of water droplets to stick together and form pools has been overcome in recent air humidifier technology. Newer systems produce droplets which measure mere microns, and these stay airborne until they have evaporated. This means that high levels of humidity may be produced, without the negative side-effect of wetting. The latest technology offers further advantages, too.

Further Advantages of New Air Humidifier Systems

In addition to eradicating the problem of wetting, newer air humidifier systems are far more economical in their use of resources. Systems which use low air pressure consume lower amounts of electricity, and automation plays a significant role in decreasing the amount of power used. Machines are being built with more reliability, and state-of-the-art systems now only require maintenance every two years. Room humidifiers which make full use of advances in technology may be ordered via

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