Benefits of a Mobile Commercial Humidifier

Humidifiers are an important addition to many commercial environments, from medical facilities to schools to winery barrel rooms. SmartFog humidifiers use the smallest droplets in the industry to provide a humid environment without leaving behind wet surfaces. The humidifiers also eliminate dust, viruses, and bacteria. While SmartFog carries commercial humidifiers that can be mounted to the wall or inserted in a duct, sometimes a mobile humidifier is necessary. Read on for more information about the benefits of a mobile humidifier.

A Cost-Effective Commercial Humidifier

You may know that your space needs a humidifier but are hesitant to purchase one due to high costs. This is where a mobile humidifier comes in handy. It is affordable and can be moved around so that you don’t enjoy the benefits in just one spot. This is especially helpful in environments where budgets are tight such as schools.


The best part about a the SmartFog mobile commercial humidifier is that it is portable. This gives you the flexibility to move it around. This is helpful for environments like schools and medical facilities where you might need the humidifier in different places. For example, move the humidifier to the classroom where the flu is going around. At a doctor’s office, you could place the humidifier in the waiting room or in exams rooms based on which area needs more humidity and germ control. Instead of picking a duct or a spot on the wall to place the commercial humidifier, SmartFog mobile humidifiers allow users to be flexible with where they place their humidifier. Another industry that would benefit from a mobile humidifier is the shipping industry. This humidifier is perfect for trucks and cargo ships that need humidifiers to keep the transported products safe.

Simple to Use

Another benefit of the SmartFog humidifier is that it is easy to use. Set up is very easy! Simply plug in and you are ready to go. The mobile humidifiers require very little maintenance. They are also extremely energy efficient so there should be no noticeable increase in utility bills. The mobile humidifier is sleek, containing no drains, pumps, or fans.

Commercial humidifiers are important to have in many different industries. The mobile humidifier model by SmartFog offers customers a cost-effective, easy-to-use, portable device that will eliminate dust, bacteria, and viruses. This humidifier is perfect for hospitals, schools, and the shipping industry. For more information about the benefits of the mobile humidifier, contact SmartFog today.

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